, but until then....
The colonists who first encountered the Alien menace called them Space Bugs, because
of their insect like appearance. Indeed, they fell upon world after world like locusts, stripping
a planet of its' useful resources before moving on, or claiming it as a hive world. 
In time, when human forces had marshaled sufficient resistance and the xenobiologists had examined 
specimens, they were indexed as species XENO-00237/hostile. To the infantry grunt they were simply SPUGs.
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LAST UPDATED: 24th April 2007

spug1.jpeg (44602 bytes)
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The basic infantry of the SPUG horde,
armed with the powerful shard gun.

SP01 Drone Trooper firing shard gun


spug3.jpeg (49939 bytes)


SP02 Drone Trooper advancing


spug2.jpeg (43605 bytes) spug alpha.jpg (47775 bytes)


Each drone pack is led by an Alpha Drone,
a Drone specifically bred for it's killer instinct
on the battlefield.

SP03 Drone Alpha

 spugheavy1.jpeg (53074 bytes) spughvyside1.jpg (40148 bytes)


Each drone pack can be supported by up to
2 Heavy weapon drones. They are armed with the fearsome Toxcannon, which fires eplosive
projectiles for indirect fire support, or at
short range acts as a flamethrower.

SP04 Drone Heavy weapon Trooper


spug sp05 set.jpg (62842 bytes) SP05 SPUG Drones
Pack of 2 drone troopers (SP01 and SP02) for 2.50  
spug pack.jpg (91415 bytes)

SP06 SPUG pack
1 Drone Alpha   2 Drone Trooper #1
2 Drone Trooper #2   1 Drone Heavy Weapon
6 figures for 7.00


spugnaughtversion2.jpeg (73424 bytes) SP07 ExoSuit  'Spugnaught'
25pc poseable kit, with
weapon options 
click here
commspug1.jpeg (40568 bytes) SP08 Spug Comms Drone
Spug communications trooper in 3 pcs.
spugomega.jpg (18717 bytes) SP09 Omega Drone 
Armed with a power claw and Shard Carbine
SP10 Jumpspugs (2)
2 jump Spugs, with separate wings
and heads, (extra bare heads included)


SP11 Spug Light Infantry (6)
1 Drone Alpha  1 spug w/scanner
4 Light Spug Troopers

SP12 Spug Heavy Infantry  (2)
Pack of 2, 2 poses, separate
heads and arms.

SP13  Spug Theta Drone

The Theta Drone is the closest the Spugs have to a religious leader. He carries the word of the Spug Hive Queen to the field of battle, as well as to the governments of other races. His Ceremonial staff, harvested from the
pincers of an unknown, but evidently massive, creature from the Spug homeworld, has a 'cranial capacitor' embedded in it. He uses this to
inspire spug drones to acts of insane bravery, to 'influence' the minds
of other species ambassadors, or, in some reported cases to unleash a blast of stored psychic power. 
No picture yet sorry! SP100 Spug Army Deal
contains 3xSP06 spug packs, 
4 x SP08 Comms,2 x SP10 Jumpspugs, 1xSP07 Spugnaught
1xSP09 Omega Drone. For a 
total of 28 minis!


15mm Spugs
SP1501 Spug Drone squad   1.25
6 drones
SP1502 Spug Omega drone  0.25


SP1503  Spug Heavy Support Weapon  (in 3 parts)



SP1504  Spug Scout Bike  (1 pc plus base)



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All miniatures sculpted, and manufactured by P Reid, Spriggan Miniatures.
Miniatures are cast in a lead free pewter and come supplied with a plastic base.

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